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iii, Appendix VII; see, also, the illustrations at the end of Dr. A.Marie’s Folie et Mysticisme, 1907).

Until that happens, it seems probable, theconditions for sexual excitation are not fully established.

The other complementary assertion that nothingwhich once existed ever quite disappears, must be admitted; nothingperishes in the soul of man; its position with regard to the whole ismerely shifted by newly intervening motives and values; and even whenit does not change its fundamental character, it becomes a differentthing in the whole complex of the soul. It always takes time to really get to know a person and you have to experience being with someone in a variety of situations. The powerful effect which stimulation of the nipple produces on the sexual sphere has led to the breasts playing a prominent part in the erotic art of those lands in which this art has been most carefully cultivated. It is useless to argue on suppositions; we mustcling to our definite evidence, even though it yields figures which areprobably below the mark. The pity o’ it is thatThe worshiper cannot away with the complaisance that permits a woman togive even her finger-tips to the gallant.

Robertson Smith added an appendix to his Religion of the Semites onTaboo on the Intercourse of the Sexes.185 Westermarck brought togetherevidence showing the frequency with which this and allied causes tended tothe chastity of savages.186 Frazer has very luminously expounded thewhole primitive conception of sexual intercourse, and showed how itaffected chastity.187 Warriors must often be chaste; the men who go onany hunting or other expedition require to be chaste to be successful; thewomen left behind must be strictly chaste; sometimes even the whole of thepeople left behind, and for long periods, must be chaste in order toinsure the success of the expedition. He smiled and said: ‘You like it because it has lain so long upon my panoia.’ The powerful nape, white and without any little wandering hairs, protruded a little over the dress.

Bear with this account of my story.

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